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Our Feasts

Primitive Feast is revolutionizing frozen foods. Our entrees bring great flavors, real ingredients and convenience to busy, health-conscious consumers. Our Feasts are gluten free, milk free, and soy free. There are no added sugars or preservatives. We only use olive oil and other healthy fats.

Delicious. Clean. Simple. Convenient.

Primitive… yet evolved

Grass-fed beef Meatbals in marinara sauceGrass-fed beef Meatbals in marinara sauce

Grass-fed beef Meatbals in marinara sauce

Grass-fed beef Meatballs in marinara sauce
Tender meatballs in a classic marinara sauce.

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Chicken MasalaChicken Masala

Chicken Masala

Organic chicken breast in a rich tomato & onion sauce with an exotic blend of spices.

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Grass-Fed Beef ChiliGrass-Fed Beef Chili

Grass-Fed Beef Chili

Beef Chili
Chunky grass-fed beef simmered in tomatoes and spices.

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Chicken in Bell Pepper SauceChicken in Bell Pepper Sauce

Chicken in Bell Pepper Sauce

Chicken in Bell Pepper Sauce
Organic chicken breast in a sweet and zesty sauce of red peppers, onions, tomatoes and capers.

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Chili Verde with ChickenChili Verde with Chicken

Chili Verde with Chicken

Chili Verde with Chicken
Succulent chunks of organic chicken breast, simmered with tomatillos and pasillas.

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Our Story

Meet The People behind Primitive Feast

As lifelong athletes with day jobs, we at Primitive Feast are always hungry for healthy foods that are tasty, satisfying, and quick to prepare. Being compulsive label readers, we found that most prepared foods are full of sugar, additives and other ingredients we can’t pronounce. So we spent a lot of time cooking for ourselves, and now we are cooking for you, too. Our hearty entrees will fuel you, whether you’re training for your next race, or just going about your busy life.

Nourishing yourself never tasted so good!

  • Betty Morin • Founder
  • Scott Fennel • Founder
  • Yinyin Goh • Founder & Chef
  • Rick Friedman • Founder
  • Betty Morin • Founder

    I grew up in Southern California but for some crazy reason couldn’t wait to leave so I headed to New York City after college where I fell in love with the film business. After years working in film production and traveling around the world, I settled in Los Angeles and became focused on fitness and health. Running grew into a passion and I became a marathon runner, then a triathlete and an Ironman. 10 years of Ironman training taught me a lot about nutrition and the value of real, unprocessed foods. I also went to work for an entrepreneur, got my MBA at UCLA Anderson School of Management and my work shifted to managing early stage investments, finance and private equity. Then I realized I wanted my own business. Enter Scott (who eventually became my husband!) and Yin and later, Rick, and Primitive Feast grew out of our shared passion for great food and great health.

  • Scott Fennel • Founder

    Scott is the non-foodie in the room at Primitive Feast. A former entertainment attorney for 16 years, Scott’s knowledge of food comes mostly from business lunches at restaurants all over town. Scott currently works with startups in a variety of industries to develop new business models and products and bring emerging technologies to scale. Scott is a graduate of Abilene Christian University (B.A. Finance and Minor English) and Pepperdine University School of Law (J.D., emphasis in International Finance).

  • Yinyin Goh • Founder & Chef

    A native of Singapore (a country known for its citizens’ obsession with food), Yin developed a love of good food and an adventurous palate at a young age. She learned her culinary skills by watching and helping her grandmother in the kitchen. Grandma Goh never used cookbooks, but instead taught Yin how to cook by using taste, touch, smell, looks and even sound. Most importantly, she instilled a belief that feeding and nourishing people is a one of the best ways to show them how much you love and care for them.

  • Rick Friedman • Founder

    A lifelong athlete, world traveller, lawyer, and now a chef, Rick has never stopped being curious and never stopped learning. His creativity blossomed when he turned to cooking, finding new ways to coax bold flavors from healthy, clean and fresh ingredients.  After more than three decades in the kitchen, Rick now brings his experience and passion to Primitive Feast.

    Still a serious cyclist who enjoys chasing down the “kids”, Rick is proof that age is just a number, that great health is truly great wealth, and that Boomers can still bring it!

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2 days ago
Quick! Which one do



Quick! Which one do you reach for first?
5 days ago
***Giveaway now clos



***Giveaway now closed!*** GIVEAWAY ALERT! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Since we can’t take you out tonight, we want to treat one lucky winner to 10 meals (5 date nights!) on us! Want to win? ❤️ To enter, follow @primitivefeast, tag your Valentine, and like this post! Good luck!
17 hours ago
Warm up a cold Monda



Warm up a cold Monday lunch break with some fresh Chili Verde with Chicken 😋
4 days ago
Keep the garlic comi



Keep the garlic coming! (You can always find a mint later).